Group Analysis

From Single-Subject Source Analysis to Group Statistics

- Robert Oostenveld, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University

The goal of this workshop is to start with single subject results at channel and source level and to perform group analysis.

Data will be distributed on USB sticks at the start of the workshop. You are expected to have MATLAB on your laptop and a recent version of the FieldTrip toolbox. If you don't have a recent version of FieldTrip, please get it from

The original raw data can in principle be downloaded from, but since the full analysis os all subjects takes too long,  single-subject results will be shared during the workshop.

The analysis will follow the paper "Group Analysis in FieldTrip of Time-Frequency Responses: A Pipeline for Reproducibility at Every Step of Processing, Going From Individual Sensor Space Representations to an Across-Group Source Space Representation" from Lau Møller Andersen which you can find at

The scripts used for the workshop  have been published and are available from