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Mobility grants for visiting MEG labs

We are offering mobility grants for post doc and PhD researchers to facilitate collaboration between Nordic countries. The mobility grants are between 2000-3000€ and can be used to cover travel costs between Nordic MEG centers. At least 2 sites (2 cities) should be involved, preferably 2 countries. 

The visit should be to promote collaboration in some area in the field of MEG, including, but not limited to:

  • data collection or analysis
  • designing experiment and/or piloting
  • publication writing
  • planning/writing grant applications
  • technological/methodological development
  • course/training activities

The application should include a CV and a mobility plan including a concrete action plan, cost estimate and justification how the plan facilitates Nordic competence and competitiveness in the MEG field (maximum 3 pages). Please plan so that the visit would be during 2023!

The application should be sent to